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Participating Carillons

This table displays all carillons participating in the Carillon Project. Non-participating carillons are not counted.

The range of the manual keyboard spans the entire range of the carillon. Unless otherwise specified, assume that the range of the pedalboard spans from the low end of the range up to and including C5.

To clarify, there is only one pedalboard and one manual per carillon—unlike the pipe organ, which also has only one pedalboard but can have multiple manual). Individual keys in the manuals are called "batons" and individual keys in the pedalboard are called "pedals.""

There are, for example, 56 batons and 25 pedals on the Kniker Carillon in Austin. This means there are 56 bells. Each baton maps to one bell. The bells that the pedals of the pedalboard map to are a subset of the bells that the batons of the manual map to. The subset comprises the same lower notes and only includes up to C5 unless otherwise specified. This means that for Bb2, C3, and then all notes from D3 to C5, there are two wires that ultimately pull on each bell clapper—one from the baton, and one from the pedal. Notes above that range (i.e. C#5 to the highest note, in this case G7) only have one wire since they can only be played on the manual.

As you might imagine, with the manual having 56 batons and the pedalboard having 25 pedals, they are spaced differently in order to ensure that they have equal widths. Thus, although the Bb2 pedal is about right below the Bb2 baton, the C5 pedal is approximately under the G7 baton, not under the C5 baton.

Name Location Range Transposition (Semitones) Carillonneur(s) Premieres Notes
Kniker CarillonAustin, Texas, in the Tower of the University of Texas at AustinBb2, C3, D3 – G70Alex Johnson, Guild of Student Carillonneurs (Molei Zhang, Justin Zhang, Gia Cabacungan, Brandon Zupan, Irin Toh, Abigail Findley, Amy Rester)2Formerly played by Tom Anderson, Kim Schafer, and Austin Ferguson. The UT Carillon Guild manages the submissions from this website.
Rochester CarillonRochester, Minnesota, in the Plummer Building of Mayo ClinicBb2, C3, D3 – G70Austin Ferguson0Only carillon in the world located in a hospital. Austin Ferguson previously played the Kniker Carillon in Austin, which is identical to this instrument.
Hopeman Memorial CarillonRochester, New York, in the Rush Rhees Library of the University of RochesterG2, Bb2, C3, D – C712Teacher: Doris Aman (on sabbatical); Students: Kayla Gunderson, Claire Janezic, others0Alex Johnson formerly played here. The carillon students assembled their own electronic practice instrument.
Middleton Family CarillonBryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian ChurchC3 – C75Wade FitzGerald, Kathryn Clark0The instrument has a rather light touch compared to most carillons.