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How It Works

Using the form below, you can submit an original score for carillon in PDF format. Scans of handwritten scores are acceptable, but those generated from a music notation software are preferred. You may designate either a specific carillon or any carillon to premiere your work. If you designate a specific carillon, you may allow or disallow us to premiere your piece at another carillon.

There is no absolute guarantee that your work will be performed or recorded due to a variety of factors such as submission volume and how idiomatic your composition is for the carillon. Upon receiving your submission, you will be emailed the status of your piece every time it is updated in our system. The status of a submission may be any of the following:

  1. Pending: We have not decided yet whether to schedule your piece for performance. Status will be later updated to "Dismissed" or "Scheduled."

  2. Dismissed: Your piece, as it has been submitted, will not be scheduled for performance. You are welcome to revise and submit again.

  3. Scheduled: Your piece is scheduled for performance. You will be notified of the date and time. If you designated a specific carillon but the piece is better suited for another, it may be transferred to another carillon, with your permission as indicated by your selection on the form below.

  4. Performed: Your piece has been performed but not recorded.

  5. Recorded: A video or audio recording of your piece has been made. Due to the anticipated volume of submissions, we cannot record every performance, but some pieces will be chosen for recording. Of course, you can always make your own recording if you are physically present!

Legal Agreement

If your submission is an original composition, by submitting it for the Carillon Project you agree to permanently grant (1) everyone the right to perform your piece on a carillon without obtaining your permission, (2) everyone the right to make derivative works of your piece, and (3) organizers of the Carillon Project to publish the score on this site. However, you still have the right to distribute and profit from recordings, so anyone who wishes to profit from a YouTube video of themselves playing your piece should secure your permission first.

If your submission is an arrangement, by submitting it you certify that we have the right to perform it and publish the score. This means that the original piece must either be in the public domain or have a Creative Commons license that allows for you to make derivative works, and for that derivative work to be freely performed and its score published. If your arrangement submission does not meet these requirements, it will be dismissed. If we do not know whether an arrangement meets these requirements, we will assume that it does meet them. If we assume incorrectly, you agree to take all legal responsibility resulting from our incorrect assumption. If you are unsure whether a piece can be legally arranged for the Carillon Project, please do your research first! If you submit something that cannot be legal performed, you agree to take legal responsibility for all potential consequences.

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You must read and agree to the Legal Agreement to submit your piece.